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“Dating” through a global pandemic Pt. 2

Pt. 2 – Married or Co-habitation 

COVID-19 has shaken us up in ways we never knew imaginable.  So many of us went from being gainfully employed and financially stable, or maybe even having the best years of our lives to unemployed with a fear of losing our homes as well as a panic of getting sick and possibly dying.  The fear of not being able to pay your mortgage/rent or put food on the table can really put a strain on a relationship. On top of that, we are all “stuck” in the house together with nowhere to go. It doesn’t take a psychologist to know that money and health issues can put a huge strain on a relationship. Usually, if we were getting frustrated maybe we would take a drive, or go out with a friend to be talked down, but what are we doing now?  We need to stay positively connected, and what better way to do this than date night. What are you currently doing to ease that stress? Here are a few suggestions.

Cook a meal together

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