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Conning a Ship

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Good Morning, Sunshine

So, you’re coming up on the one month anniversary of your local lockdown orders. You’ve burned through every show you could possibly find on Netflix, in a desperate search for something, anything, to replace the emptiness that was once filled with productive work or meaningful connection with friends and family.

Well after an hour of comparing your boring life to the comparative excitement of Very Famous And Good-Looking People on Instagram, your phone complains of hunger, politely requesting that you attach it to a charger, and as a good steward of lithium-ion chemistry, you happily oblige.  After wiping your slightly sweaty hands on flannel pants you haven’t bothered to change for two days, you glance furtively at the three inches of brown liquid remaining in your bottle of Jameson left on the coffee table from last night’s failed attempt to find existential redemption.

It’s only 10:06 am, but hell, it’s past 5 pm in Reykjavik, and you heard somewhere that those Icelanders can drink like bastards, so here’s to them. Only two weeks, you tell yourself. In two weeks the country will be opened up and life will return to normal. If only there was something else to do than watch tiger shows between now and then.

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